This Dog Has A Guardian Angel – And She Wants To Live

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There are truly beautiful people all around us. Monica Wiltshire Bodey is one of them. Our shared love for animals brought us together through Facebook. I always knew Monica had a special heart but recently I learned her heart was even larger than I imagined.

Eeyore at the hospital

Eeyore at the hospital

It was a few weeks back when she was driving up I-71, at a time when she usually doesn’t travel that interstate…and in the slow lane, which she next to never does.

“But,” she said, “that’s how I know I was meant to find her.”

There, in front of her eyes, was a precious mixed hound dog who had just been hit by an SUV after crossing two of the three lanes of traffic. The little girl was sitting on the shoulder. Her eyes were closed shut and she was dangerously close to being hit again.

“Before my head could say no, my heart was pulling over,” Monica continued. “It was 20 degrees that day– she had no chance to survive the cold, with or without her injuries. I had no idea what I was getting into, I just knew that this sweet soul deserved to be held in warmth and love for her final moments. I walked a half mile in my barefeet (five inch heels weren’t working) and picked her up, carried her back to my car, and talked to her as we headed to the hospital.”

Fast forward two days.

They almost ruled out dangerous organ and neurological damage noticing that the little girl with no story to her name began eating and even tried to stand on her own.

However, her pelvis was broken through on both sides and the pelvic floor was full of fractures. Monica and her husband paid $6000 for major surgery to repair the pelvis of the little girl with a will to live who now answers to the name ‘Eeyore’.

Eeyore is going great and her sibling, Echo, has grown to love her too. Just this

Eeyore and Echo

Eeyore and Echo

weekend she had her very first bath – possibly in her lifetime. The Bodey’s are committed to doing everything they can to ensure she has a long, healthy, happy life.

However, Eeyore’s medical bills continue. If you’re interested in making a donation, please visit and donate to Monica’s email address which is: And ‘like’ the Save Eeyore page on Facebook for updates.

Eeyore's first bath

Eeyore’s first bath

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