Be An Encourager To Your Pet

I love this quote. We are all educators to companion animals…and humans. When you think about your role as one of motivator and encourager, you will find you will have a much more engaged student.

Quote about teachers: The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves

Happy Sweetest Day!


dog quote about Sweetest Day

Give Love Generously

Friendship and love and two of the greatest gifts you can give.

quote about dogs - friendship and love are two of the greatest gifts we can give

Do You Have A Trainer In Your House?

dog quote

Dogs Are Great Treasures

quote on dogs

Life Lessons From Sam

I like to start the new year off reminding myself of all that I have to be thankful for, of lessons learned, and opportunities waiting to be discovered.  I ran this list awhile back on my Good Things Going Around blog and thought I’d pull it out again. What life lessons have you learned from your pet?

Life Lessons Learned From Sam

When loved ones and visitors come to your home,Sam
always run with enthusiasm to greet them.

Give of yourself freely to others just because you can.

Thrive on the joy of just being together, of getting
and giving attention.

Remember to let everyone know they are important
and practice loyalty every day.

When someone you care about is happy,
celebrate too.

When someone you care about is having a bad day,
know that just nuzzling close may be all that is needed.

Don’t waste time being angry or sad,
life is way too short for that.

Don’t fret about the little stuff,
be joyous that this is a new day
and a new moment.

Run, romp and play every day.

Show your happiness by waggling your whole body.

Pay attention to everything meaningful.

Take time to sit on a rock and just watch the world
around you.

Lay in the grass and savor the scents carried through
the fresh air crossing your face.

Delight in the joy of a long walk with your favorite person.

Never ever pass up an opportunity to go for a ride in the car.

And don’t ever try to be anyone but yourself..

Just be the very best you can be.

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