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My Dog's Super Hero Cincinnati kid's program on dog ownership and training by Lisa DesatnikEach year millions of visits to emergency rooms are due to dog bites, and often times children are the most likely to get bitten…frequently by their own or a neighbor’s dog. But bites do not happen out of the blue and they can be prevented.

I hope to help set kids and their pets up for success and prevent bites through my educational programs  called ‘My Dog’s Super Hero.’

During the programs, I teach kids ages 6 to 10, in a fun and engaging way, what it means to be their dog’s super hero. Included in my presentation will be the basics on the do’s and don’ts of playing appropriately with their dog, how to show responsibility and respect to their dog, and how dogs tell us when they are happy or when they want to be left alone.

Please visit my Classes page to learn about upcoming My Dog’s Super Hero classes.

Cincinnati dog training class for kids by Cincinnati dog trainer Lisa Desatnik

January, 2016, participants of my My Dog’s Super Hero class for kids

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Dogs tell us how they are feeling with their bodies. Do you know how to understand what your dog is telling you? Please click on these downloads to review.

Speaking Dog

How dogs communicate

A wonderful way for encouraging kids to be their dog’s BEST FRIEND is by having them write down the ways in which they helped their pet. This can include feeding their dog, taking their dog on a walk, giving their dog space when their dog asks for it, and gently petting their dog. For a copy of my form for kids to fill in, please click on the link.
I was a good friend form

Please click this link to download a fun activity sheet packet that teaches kids about dog safety. Dog Safety – activity sheet for kids

Kids and Training

Andrew helps demonstrate a great, easy behavior kids can teach their dog…hand touch or hand targeting. For information on teaching hand targeting, please visit my blog post.

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