Winter Cold Weather Safety Precautions For Your Dog

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With the frigid Winter temperatures outside today, I wanted to remind you of some safety tips for your dog.

  1. Do not leave your pet unattended outside where you cannot watch for signs of distressed body language
  2. If you see shivering, lethargy, low heart rate and unresponsiveness, bring your pet into a warm area, place a light blanket over him, and call your veterinarian.
  3. Do not leave your pet alone for long periods in your car.
  4. The amount of time outside that your dog can tolerate will depend on your dog. Smaller dogs and dogs with short hair, and dogs that are young, old, and in poor health are particularly susceptible to the cold. Conditions like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and hormonal imbalances can compromise a pet’s ability to regulate its own body heat.
  5. Realize that concrete and asphalt can become particularly cold, drawing the heat from your dog. Only walk your dog on those surfaces for short distances.
  6. Wipe your pet down when you bringing him/her inside as salt and other chemicals used to melt ice can irritate their paws and be very toxic if ingested.
  7. Be careful with supplemental heat sources. Fireplaces and portable heaters can generate extreme temperatures and could burn a pet. Also, be cautious to place portable heaters where they can not be easily knocked down by a wagging tail or running animal.
  8. Remember that antifreeze that may be on the ground is extremely toxic to animals.
  9. Since snow can cling to fur to form snow balls, melt and refreeze forming ice, it is a good idea to clip the fur in between the pads on your dog’s feet.

cold weather safety tips for your pet dog

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