Training A Vizsla Puppy

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The other day one of my puppy training clients wanted to take pictures of me with her Vizsla puppy, Rosie. When she sent me the photos, she also included this recommendation. I was so flattered. Below is what she sent and also a brief video of me using clicker training to teach her puppy down, stay and self control.

Cincinnati dog and puppy trainer with a vizsla puppy


“Lisa helped train our Vizsla puppy Rosie! We could not have asked for a more intuitive, knowledgeable, and caring trainer.  Vizsla’s tend to be a little wild and crazy, and Lisa’s knowledge, skills and positive training style was perfect for us. She created a wonderful learning environment for us and our puppy in the comfort of our own home.  We loved the fact that we could train in the environment where Mark and I and the kids spend the most time with Rosie.  In the beginning, Lisa helped with Rosie’s anxiety over crate training and also helped with most of the basic puppy issues such as house training, and obedience behaviors.   We also took Rosie to the park to teach her to walk on lease while being exposed to outside distractions. Lisa was a calming influence on us, and our puppy, and taught us dog psychology and dog behavior along with how to implement that knowledge in our everyday lives. Her influence and thoroughness has gotten us the results we were looking for.  She trained us as much as the puppy and  always welcomes questions and concerns.  

 Thanks Lisa for all the work and time you put into helping us and Rosie.  Rosie is now well behaved as well as being totally adorable. We love you!   

The Blumenfeld Family


Training A Vizsla Puppy Self Control from Lisa Desatnik on Vimeo.

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