The Role Of Teachers In Pet Training

I love this quote. It speaks volumes for training animals. When you teach by encouraging your student to make choices, set them up so they make lots of ‘good’ choices, and then give positive reinforcement for those choices, you make learning from you fun.

dog training tip by Cincinnati dog trainer Lisa Desatnik of So Much PETential

Words To Give You Thought

a quote about dogs and people

The Benefits Of Positive Reinforcement In Dog Training

Remember, the more positive reinforcement an animal has in its life,
the better able it can adapt to new situations and stress,
and ultimately the better quality of life.

benefits of using positive reinforcement in dog training by Lisa Desatnik

Happy Sweetest Day!


dog quote about Sweetest Day

A Reminder To Always Help Your Dog Feel Safe

Do you know how to recognize when your dog is not feeling safe? It is important to understand how your dog communicates so that when he is fearful and/or stressed you can take action to de-stress him (whether that be giving him distance from the aversive stimulus, stopping what your or someone else is doing, and teaching him that good things can happen in that environment).

dog quote by Suzanne Clothier

Hear Your Dog When He Says He Does Not Feel Safe

Trust and safety are two very important words when it comes to your dog’s ability and inspiration to learn. I took a continuing education workshop from renowned trainer, Suzanne Clothier, and this quote from her has just stuck with me.

dog training quote by Suzanne Clothier


A Valentine’s Day Message From Your Pet

Valentine's Day message from dog

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