Dog And Pet Training Tip About Management

My tip today is about the importance of management in dog and pet training success: The reason management is so important is when it comes to training in the most positive way is two fold, being able to control our pet’s access to doing what we do not like (and getting reinforced for it) and being able to set it up so that our pets can practice making choices we do like (and reinforcing them for those choices).

importance of management in dog and pet training success

Dog And Other Pet Training Tip

A dog (and other pet) training tip:  remember, you don’t need to plan out an hour of your day to work on teaching skills. Actually, short sessions are much better as they allow both you and your student to stay focused. And you can build training into everyday life such as asking for a behavior before giving your pet anything of value from an open door to a meal to playing with a toy.

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A Pet Training Tip on Reinforcement

Pet training tip by Lisa Desatnik





In the beginning, deliver positive reinforcers immediately and consistently following the behavior you want to see. Contiguity is the closenenss in time between the behavior and the reinforcer. Quick delivery of positive reinforers is the clearest way to communicate to your pet the exact behavior that produced the valued outcome so your pet can repeat the behavior. Your consistency in delivering that positive outcome after everu repetition of the behavior will help your pet learn the relationship –  *if* I do this behavior, *then* this will happen as a result.

When the behavior is learned solidly, intermittent reinforcement will help make it strong and lasting.

This is true for all animals including dogs, cats, parrots and others.






Focus On PETential – Pet Training Tip

Pet training tip by Lisa Desatnik

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