Debunking A Myth About Pet Parrots

myth about pet parrots

Solving Dog, Parrot & Other Pet Behavior Problems Positively

Something to give you thought…

pet enrichment

Please watch my video, and see how easy it is to set yourself AND your pet up for success.

Make Your Own Parrot Toy – Easy Enrichment

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to come up with ways to keep your pet parrot busy. Here is an idea for a parrot enrichment toy (a foraging activity for your parrot) that you can easily make at home.

From  a block of soft, scrap wood, I drilled a hole in the center for the string or chain and lots of small holes around the sides in which I inserted safflower seeds.


make your own pet parrot foraging toy

Parrot Enrichment Made Easy

Another parrot enrichment idea. I cut up an old t-shirt and put some crushed sunflower seeds and pellets in the middle. Then tie it ‘very’ tightly together and hang in their cages. The guys love them. NOTE: for safety, if you do this, use thick rope (I use hemp) and make the note so tight that a head can’t get through if the material falls out when they are through. I only give this to my guys when I am sure keeps them busy for awhile.

Parrot enrichment


parrot enrichment

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