A Reminder About Teaching Reliable Recall

On teaching your dog a reliable recall.
Just as a reminder…our dogs live in the moment. They are constantly making decisions based upon where the value is for them. If you haven’t spent the time teaching your dog that coming to you when you call, will result in a positive outcome, why would your dog ‘choose’ to come vs doing something else?
Always begin teaching that recall word in an environment with minimal distractions, and only use it when you can guarantee success.  Using positive reinforcement to train your dog will build strong value for behaviors. And guard that word like it is gold. Take care to not follow it with an aversive (from your dog’s perspective).
A reminder about teaching your dog a reliable recall.
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On Putting The Motivation Into Training

Something to give you thought… When ever we can lead and teach by inspiring curiosity and positive outcomes in an environment where our student can succeed, our learner will be more motivated to want. Have fun with training and your pet will too!

quote about dog training by Cincinnati dog trainer Lisa Desatnik

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