Stop Blaming Your Dog For Misbehaving

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When our pets do things that we do not like, it is easy to put the blame on them. But the truth is, they are not doing things to purposefully be bad. They are doing what works to fulfill a need and get them something of value. Instead of blaming our pets, let’s focus on what WE can do to help our pets succeed.


one way we cause a dog to misbehave


Kong Jumbler toy for dogs

Kong Jumbler

On days when you don’t have time for your usual walk, to ward off dog boredom, some ways of expelling your dog’s energy include giving your dog an interactive toy that requires him to think and move, giving him food inside a foraging toy, playing games with him,  or teaching him a fun and novel new behavior.

This toy is one of my favorites for large, active breeds. Something about it gets them very engaged.

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