Gift Idea For You Young Dog Lover

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Are you looking for gifts for your child who loves dogs?

Here are some considerations.

Christmas gift book ideas for kids who love dogsBooks

There are a number of wonderful books published that teach children how to be good dog teachers and friends. Here are a few of my favorites.May I Pet Your Dog, kid's book about dogs

May I Pet Your Dog by Stephanie Calmenson

Whether your child is afraid of dogs of loves them, May I Pet Your Dog is beautifully written
book leads readers step-by-step on how to properly greet a dog. Using Harry the dachshund as a gentle guide, children see a variety of situations and learn how to meet dogs in a positive, welcoming way.

Good Dog! Kids Teach Kids About Dog Behavior & Training by Evelyn PangGood dog kids book
What I love about this book is that it is written by kids for kids covering the essentials of responsible and effective dog care and t

My Dog kids bookMy Dog! A Kids Guide To Keeping A Happy And Healthy Pet by Michael J. Rosen
A primer, an owner’s manual, a field guide, and more, My Dog! is the complete book for every child who has a dog―whether it’s a brand-new puppy or adopted mutt, or a beloved pooch who’s been in the family for years.

Puppy Training for Kids: Teaching Children the Responsibilities and Joys of Puppy Care, Training, and Companionship by Colleen PelarThis book uses a combination of photos and easy to read and understand Puppy trainning kids booklanguage to share with children modern, proven, humane methods to teach their puppy or dog.

Max Talks To Me by Claire Buckwald
Alex and his dog Max are true friends—the kind that share each other’s excitement, comfort each other when they are sad, wait together when parents are away, and have fun wherever they are. Alex is learning that every good Max Talks To Me kids bookrelationship is a two-way street. By observing and listening to his dog, by sharing good times and bad, he and Max are earning each other’s love and devotion. Parents will appreciate the information about animal communication and the dog-child bond that they will find at the end of Max Talks to Me. Children will want to share Max and Alex’s adventures and friendship over and over as they read the gentle, engaging story and look at the beautiful illustrations.

Buddy Unchained by Daisy BixBuddy Unchained kids book
Buddy Unchained is the 2007 winner of the Humane Society of the US KIND Award, Best Children’s Picture Book of the Year and the ASPCA HENRY BERGH AWARD, best Children’s Picture Book in the Companion Animal category. It is a very moving story of a once abandoned dog and how his being adopted into a loving home has changed his life. It reminds children of the importance of being kind to animals.

Gift certificate to My Dog’s Super Hero

Christmas gift idea for Cincinnati kids who love dogsStrengthening the bond between children and their dog, and preventing dog bites, are my goals for this unique kids Class. Children ages 6 to 10 (and their parents) will learn how to play and interact appropriately with their furry friend, how to be a safe and fun dog playmate, and how their dog tells them when it is happy or wants to be left alone. I have seen time and again dogs back away from, look away from or other body language around children. This class can teach you and your child how to prevent that. It is perhaps one of the most important hours you can spend to help your kids and dog succeed.

The My Dog’s Super Hero Class will be held Saturday, January 23, at 9:30 am at the nonprofit United Pet Fund Blue Ash location  (11336 Tamarco Dr; 45242). Please click here for cost, more information and registration.

Other Ideas

A dog stuffed animal

A donation to an animal rescue organization with a visit to the organization and maybe even volunteer outing thereSanta Paws 2: The Santa Pups

A framed photo of your child’s favorite pet

Santa Paws 2: The Santa pups, the movie in DVD

NOTE: For some behind-the-scenes information on Santa Paws, please click here.




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