I am registering for the following classes:

Building PUPPYtential 
Tuesdays, July 7, 21, 28 and Aug 4 and 11   from 6 to 7 pm (at The Dog Studio)
Best Friend Foundation Skills 
Mondays, June 29; July 6, 20, 27; Aug 3 and 10   from 6 to 7 pm (at The Dog Studio)
Mondays, July 6, 20, and 27; Aug 3, 10, and 17     from 7:30 to 8:30 pm (at The Dog Studio)
My Dog’s Super Hero 
July 22 from 7 to 8 pm (at The Dog Studio)
September 10 from 7 to 8 pm (at Blue Ash Recreation Center)
Oh Behave   
August 4 from 7 to 8 pm (at the Blue Ash Recreation Center)

Please come back soon as I will be adding a few more dates.
Please contact me HERE if you would like me to be in touch when new dates are added.  Hope to see you!

Classes held at either The Dog Studio groomers (3645 Linwood; 45226)
or the Blue Ash Recreation Center (4343 Cooper Rd; 45242)

The Dog Studio in Cincinnati

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(Class descriptions are below.)

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Building PUPPYtential Class

Every moment of every day, from the moment you bring your puppy home, he/she is learning. I want to help you and your new little one to get off to the very best start, and that is what this class is all about. You will learn how to solve and prevent potential behavior problems; and how to be an effective teacher so that your puppy will WANT to listen to you.

Age: This five week class is for puppies age eight weeks to twenty weeks (approximately) on the first day of class.

About: In each class, you will learn information and practice teaching skills to help you build a solid foundation to bring out your pet’s awesome PUPPYtential as he/she grows into adulthood. Each session is a combination of discussion and fun, hands-on lessons with exercises to practice at home.

Class size is limited to no more than four puppies so that you can receive the attention you need. Please register early to guarantee your place.

House training and management
Basic skills including getting your puppy to listen and follow directions
Solving chewing, mouthing and biting

Pre-requisite: Your puppy must be current on vaccinations.

Cost:   $135


Best Friend Foundation Skills Class

Age:  This 6 week class is for dogs ages six months and older.

About:  Whether you have never taken a dog to class before or want a refresher, this class if for you.  You will learn how to teach your dog in a way that makes learning fun and engaging, so that your dog will want to listen to you. The first session will be without your dog, and each subsequent session will be a combination of discussion and hands-on lessons with exercises to practice at home.

Class size is limited to no more than four dogs so that you can receive the attention you need. Please register early to guarantee your place.


Understanding the basics of how animals learn and problem solving
Basic behavior foundation skills for manners and impulse control
Getting your dog to listen and follow directions
Channeling your dog’s energy

Pre-requisite: Must  be current on vaccinations. Dogs should be friendly in a space with other dogs and people (they do not have a history of lunging out, growling at or biting). If you are unsure, please contact me in advance.

Cost:    $155

My Dog’s Super Hero

A solid friendship between a dog and child can be an amazing gift, but kids do not always know HOW to be a dog’s best friend. In this class, My Dog’s Super Hero, my goal is to strengthen relationships between pets and their families – and even prevent bites.

The My Dog’s Super Hero class is for children ages 6 to 10 accompanied by a parent or guardian. In a fun and engaging way, I teach kids (and parents) how to play and interact appropriately with their dog, how to be a safe and fun dog playmate, and how dogs tell us when they are happy or want to be left alone.

Please leave your dog at home. We will work with a demonstration dog.
Space is limited. Please reserve your place early.


Cost:  $10 per child; $19 for two children; $28 for three children (accompanying parent/guardian is free)

 Oh Behave!

Do you have a dog that will not listen?  You will have a better understanding of why after Oh Behave! This free presentation is part of the City of Blue Ash Recreation Center’s Cafe Series. I will speak for about 40 minutes and work with a demonstration dog to share basic information about how animals learn, motivation, and how to use positive reinforcement effectively.  I will contact registrants in advance to see if they would like their dog to be considered as my demo dog.  Please DO NOT bring your dog to this.


5-22 class registration graphic