Dog Training Tip: Focus On Reinforcement

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My Monday morning dog (and other pet) training tip: Instead of scolding your pet for doing a behavior you do not like, remember your pet is doing that behavior because it has gotten him an outcome of value to him in the past. That is how choices are made. Not only will scolding not foster a love of learning, it also does not serve to teach your pet what it is you would rather he do instead. Focus your energy on teaching your pet what it is you would like for him to do instead and make that choice of huge value to him, while also being careful not to add value to the behavior you do not want to see.

If, for example, you do not like your dog jumping up on you, create a plan for teaching an alternative behavior he can do to get the same or more value as jumping got him in the past while also assuring any jumping behavior is not reinforced.

Remember, dog training (as well as other pet) with positive reinforcement creates a learner who wants to listen and who is eager to learn new things.

dog training tip using positive reinforcement by Cincinnati dog trainer Lisa Desatnik

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