Does Your Dog Like His Halloween Costume?

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Should dogs wear Halloween costumes?


If you want to dress your dog in an outfit, please make should make sure your dog is comfortable. Dogs will communicate this with their bodies. Some signs of a happy dog are: relaxed body muscles; loose lips or even open mouth with loose tongue; rhythmic panting. Some signs that a dog is not comfortable include: his tail may be down, his body may be tight, he may have a tense mouth, you will see the whites on the sides of his eyes, his ears may be back, he may yawn or lick his chops, he may do a body shake without being wet. If wearing an outfit causes your dog to feel stressed, he may be more likely to become reactive – especially when on a leash, in the dark, with so many strange sights and sounds and kids running around.

For more tips on pet safety at Halloween , please see my blog post.


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