Dr. Vern Fairhurst, DVM, recommendation for Cincinnati certified dog trainer Lisa DesatnikA problem pet owners sometimes have is getting their dog to listen and respond to their commands. Lisa has achieved tremendous results in correcting this problem with a number of my patients. I own an accredited AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) hospital in Kenwood, Ohio and have built my veterinary practice on an unwavering commitment to quality and service, so I am selective in the professionals I recommend. Lisa has never let me down. Where others have failed, she has succeeded.

I am glad I can partner with her when one of my patients needs training in listening.
~ Dr. V.J. Fairhurst, D.V.M.
Montgomery Animal Hospital

Our family had a wonderful experience with Lisa.  We were hoping to find a testimonial for dog training of Molly, a Labrador retriever, from Cincinnati certified dog trainer Lisa Desatnik, CPDT-KA, CPBCsomeone who could help make training a new puppy Labrador a positive and fun experience.  Lisa exceeded our expectations.  She is extremely well versed in the principles of behaviorism, and she has a calm, warm, and patient style in her approach, which is so effective in getting results! We appreciated how positive and collaborative she was with us.  She certainly practices what she preaches! Our children enjoyed learning from her as well. We were impressed how she seamlessly could alter her teaching style for different ages.  I will continue to recommend her to friends and family for years to come!
~Erica Pearl Messer, PsyD


My husband and I decided after our youngest of three turned 11, that it was time recommendation of Cincinnati certified dog trainer Lisa Desatnik, CPDT-KA, CPBC, for a Great Daneto get a dog and we went big – a Great Dane. Because of her size, we wanted to make sure she was well trained and while my husband and I both had dogs as children, we had never trained a dog ourselves so we knew we needed help.

Lisa was recommended to us by our vet but I had also been reading her article in Hyde Park Living for years. Zelda warmed up to her immediately.  With Lisa’s guidance, Zelda quickly learned to sit, lay down,  focus attention, and come when called. We are now teaching her some outdoor games and walking without pulling. Lisa has been great with teaching us to recognize Zelda’s cues and our youngest has taken much pride in the skills he can now train Zelda to do. Lisa has been a pleasure to work with and she is one of Zelda’s favorite people.
~ Cathy DeFoor


“Lisa helped train our Vizsla puppy Rosie! We could not have asked for a more intuitive, knowledgeable, and caring trainer.  Vizsla’s tend to be a little wild and crazy, and Lisa’s knowledge, skills and positive training style was perfect for us. She created a wonderful learning environment for us and our puppy in the comfort of our own home.  We loved the fact that we could train in the environment where Mark and I and the kids spend the most Cincinnati dog trainer Lisa Desatnik training a Vizsla puppytime with Rosie.  In the beginning, Lisa helped with Rosie’s anxiety over crate training and also helped with most of the basic puppy issues such as house training, and obedience behaviors.   We also took Rosie to the park to teach her to walk on lease while being exposed to outside distractions. Lisa was a calming influence on us, and our puppy, and taught us dog psychology and dog behavior along with how to implement that knowledge in our everyday lives. Her influence and thoroughness has gotten us the results we were looking for.  She trained us as much as the puppy and  always welcomes questions and concerns.

 Thanks Lisa for all the work and time you put into helping us and Rosie.  Rosie is now well behaved as well as being totally adorable. We love you!   The Blumenfeld Family

A good trainer is one that is calm, dedicated and devoted to the well-being of both the handler and the dog. Lisa Desatnik is that kind of trainer.  She has assisted with many classes at our dog training club and has been given some of the most difficult dogs to help.  When watching her work I am impressed with how quickly the dog(s) learn.  The dogs she works with respond quickly to her methods. She rewards her students (dogs) Karen Spradlin, Pet Partners team evaluator, recommends Cincinnati certified dog trainer Lisa Desatnikas well as the handlers with encouragement and praise.  Both seem to be drawn to her method. In addition, Lisa attends workshops, seminars and advanced classes in order enhance her techniques.

If there is difficulty in learning it is usually the handler who has become frustrated, overwhelmed and are ready to put their dog in a rescue.  Lisa helps them overcome some of the frustrations they might be feeling by showing them the techniques they can practice at home.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who needs help to keep their dog from becoming a statistic.  She will help your dog become a valued member of your family; she will help him/her to become well-adjusted and well-behaved.
~ Karen Spradlin, M.Ed., LTE
Licensed Pet Partners Team Evaluator
Registered Pet Partners Team Handler

Lisa has been a great help to me and others as she has assisted in several of the classes that I have taught at our local dog training club.  Her gentle and positive approach with the puppies and dogs is very special.  In many situations, Lisa has taken an owner and his/her dog aside to work on a special aspect of training.  Lisa’s knowledge and experiences are evident as she works with the dogs and their owners with great patience and understanding.   Many students have shared with me about their personal journeys with their dogs and how Lisa has helped to make a difference in regard to training their pets.   As a clicker trainer, she has helped put the “Yes” into dog training!   As we worked together, Lisa is always willing to cooperate, be flexible and learn along with the team as we try to help everyone in the classes.  I could write much more but words alone will not adequately describe my gratefulness in regard to Lisa’s help!   I’ll just say THANK YOU, LISA!!!!!
~ Gloria J. White, CPDT-KA 

When we adopted our rescue dog, Milo, we were so excited to make him a part of our family. We wanted Milo to fit right in with our kids, but he had some hesitations with adjusting to his new life that we weren’t sure how to handle. I was referred to Lisa by a friend at work and it didn’t take long for her to help get Milo to the point where we wanted him! She was very patient and willing to work with not only my husband and I, but one on one with our children which was very helpful and important to us. Lisa taught us so much about dog behaviors and the way they communicate with us, and we are grateful to have found her to help Milo have a smoother transition into his forever home! You can tell that this is her passion to work with animals, and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with training!
~Cara Bowyer

“With our three children in finally in high school, my husband and I decided that it was time for a puppy.  If we could parent teenagers, we felt certain that we could handle a fifteen pound dog.   Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy.  Three children in high school meant that we were always on the run and the puppy had to fit into our schedules.  After ten months she was still not house trained, jumped up on all of our visitors, took Bear off running whenever the opportunity presented itself and disliked being touched.  Our training methods were clearly not working.  A good friend recommended that I call Lisa Desatnik based upon the success she had with her puppy and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Lisa’s has a golden touch with animals.  In a matter of thirty minutes, she had our dog calming laying at her feet waiting for the next instruction.   After just a few sessions with Lisa, our dog would come with simple signals, walk on a loose lease in step with me versus trying to run away and she has really helped her with sensitivity issues.   If we followed Lisa’s house training suggestions more consistently, we would have that down as well.  Lisa’s approach is very different from traditional training methods.  She completely relies on positive reinforcement which makes the dog want to perform.  Looking back I wish we would have started working with Lisa as soon as our puppy arrived before her bad habits developed but she has done a great job helping us train her.”
– Jackie Brenning

Don’t tell Rascal, 15, you can’t change old habits. Rascal often barks at service men who come to the home, which isn’t much fun for anyone – includinRascalg Rascal. During our meeting, Grace (and her husband) and I talked about a plan…and what a wonderful surprise to get an email from Grace about their recent visit from the appliance maintenance man. She brilliantly gave Rascal a cue, then gently moved him away from his trigger, and then gave him a food reward…and no more barking from Rascal! “I wanted to share this good news with you! Something exciting just happened! It was so nice to have Rascal calm down and be OK right away.  Thank you, THANK YOU for leading us in what clearly is the right direction!!”
– Grace DeGregorio

This is a very special thank you to Lisa Desatnik for visiting my home last night to train my two sweet dogs. She was so amazing with my animals and they LISTENED to her. What was even more amazing was that this morning they retained what they learned the night before. We will continue with this training and have Lisa to thank for taking the time, being patient, and answering lots of questions!
~ Alison Stuart Miuccio

Lisa was very patient and kind when interacting with our golden retriever, Max.  She is very knowledgeable when it comes to animal behaviors and why they may do certain things that they do. It was so helpful to have Lisa in our home, training our dog in his own environment. We learned a lot of great skills to help us reinforce his good behaviors we saw Lisa training Max to do. We would recommend Lisa to anyone and all people we know who have animals.
~ Travis and Sarah White