Cincinnati Parrot Behavior Consulting

Do you have a parrot whose behaviors are difficult to live with, like destructive chewing, biting, or screaming? Do you have a new bird and want to get off to the best start?

I’d love to help.

At one time I shared my home with three birds, and, while I have had a whole range of animals including dogs, it was my having a behavior issue with my Timneh African Grey named Barnaby that first opened my journey in learning about behavioral science. My very first teacher and mentor is Dr. Susan Friedman, who pioneered the application of applied Chester is an Alexandrine Ringneck Parakeetbehavior science (ABA) to captive and companion animals worldwide. I have taken numerous of her classes, including a three day workshop in Orlanda, Florida led by Dr. Friedman and internationally renowned trainer, Steve Martin of Natural Encounters; and workshops from internationally renowned trainer Barbara Heidenreich.

With my ABA education, I am one of less than 100 certified parrot behavior consultants (CPBC) worldwide through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

For online parrot behavior help (I am only working with clients in the United States due to time differences), many behavior issues will require multiple consultations. A four week program includes weekly phone/skype consults, actionable steps, and Q&A. If you live in Cincinnati, Ohio I can also come to your home for parrot training.

For online assistance, you will need internet with Skype, and it will be helpful if you have the ability to use a video camera.

My focus is on solving pet behavior issues using scientifically sound strategies that are the most positive, and these may (and usually do) include a combination of environmental changes as well as training.

Please contact me to learn more here, or email me at or call me at 513-262-4062.