Cincinnati Kids Learned About Being A Dog’s Teacher & Friend

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Cincinnati kids

I was so proud of this group of Cincinnati children, ages 6 to 8, who attended with their parents my educational workshop.  A very special thanks to Cincinnati Parks for partnering with me on this; and to my good friend, Sheri Boone and her dog Figment, for helping.  Kevin Breslin of Cincinnati Parks led other activities that morning…and Dianne Wente of Cincinnati Parks helped in so many ways.

In two hours, these kids learned about what it means to be their dog’s teacher and best friend. They learned about paying attention to their dog’s body language, what to do if their dog (or a dog they don’t know) is overly excited, how to greet a dog they don’t know, and even a little clicker training.

When it comes to bite prevention, relationship building, and setting pets up for success, education is such an important component. Please follow my blog, Facebook page and other social media networks for more upcoming educational programs.

I have more photos from Saturday morning posted on my Facebook page. Please click this link to visit the photo album.

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