The Art of Teaching

I love this quote. When you think about teaching and training as inspiring discovery, it puts you into such a positive mindset. It is exciting. It is fun. It makes you smile. And, when you think this way, you have a much better chance of infecting your student with those same perspectives. Today, let’s build discovery!The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery...a quote to inspire you in dog training.


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Be An Encourager To Your Pet

I love this quote. We are all educators to companion animals…and humans. When you think about your role as one of motivator and encourager, you will find you will have a much more engaged student.

Quote about teachers: The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves

The Role Of Teachers In Pet Training

I love this quote. It speaks volumes for training animals. When you teach by encouraging your student to make choices, set them up so they make lots of ‘good’ choices, and then give positive reinforcement for those choices, you make learning from you fun.

dog training tip by Cincinnati dog trainer Lisa Desatnik of So Much PETential

Dog Training Tip: Remember, Training Goes Both Ways

Can you relate? Remember, in every relationship each of us is shaping the behavior of the other whether we realize it or not. Learning never stops. Behaviors that get repeated are the behaviors that have a history of getting the learner something of value.

dog training tip from Cincinnati trainer Lisa Desatnik of So Much PETential

Words To Give You Thought

a quote about dogs and people

The Benefits Of Positive Reinforcement In Dog Training

Remember, the more positive reinforcement an animal has in its life,
the better able it can adapt to new situations and stress,
and ultimately the better quality of life.

benefits of using positive reinforcement in dog training by Lisa Desatnik

Give Love Generously

Friendship and love and two of the greatest gifts you can give.

quote about dogs - friendship and love are two of the greatest gifts we can give

Always Give Your Pet A Reason To Listen

As your pet’s teacher, before asking him to do something, ask yourself…Why should he?

quote about dog training by Lisa Desatnik

Make Your Time Together Matter

When you are with someone important, it isn’t always about what you do together but how you make that time together matter.

quote by Lisa Desatnik on relationships

Is Your Misbehaving? Teach Him Skills To Succeed

My reminder to you…help your pet to succeed by looking for those teachable moments to tell him/her GOOD!.  If your pet is not behaving in a way that you like, it is not because he is trying to be bad or obstinate, he/she simply has a skill deficit. Teach him what he needs to know in a positive way and watch how eager he is to practice what he has learned.

dog training tip

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