A New Year’s Resolution for Building PETential!

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Have you made New Year’s Resolutions? Here are some suggestions for pet training – whether you have a dog or cat or parrot.


New Year's Resolutions for Dog Training (and parrots and other pets)I will stop labeling my pet because calling my pet dumb, stubborn, bad, mean or jealous will not help me to solve the behavior issue and may actually prevent me from getting to the root of the cause.

I will pay attention to those behaviors my pet does that I want to see more of and makes those behavior choices more valuable by offering positive reinforcement immediately upon seeing them.

I will give my pet plenty of appropriate outlets to exercise his body and mind in positive ways, and I will include myself in some of those choices. Not only is this a great relationship builder, it is a great way to incorporate positive teaching (and learning), enhance socialization skills, build stronger bodies, and improve quality of life.  Enrichment can be in form of using a variety of my pet’s senses.

I will incorporate training into my everyday life by being conscious that my pet is constantly learning what behaviors to repeat and strengthen vs to weaken based upon the consequences of those behaviors. I will work to not give value to unwanted behaviors and ask for wanted behaviors before offering my pet an activity or something he wants.

Instead of blaming my pet when he does something that I do not like, I will stop and ask yourself,  “What was the consequence of value to my pet in making that choice and what could I have done differently to have not given him that opportunity?,” and “What behavior would I have liked for him to do instead?” … then I will teach him that behavior.

I will incorporate fun into every day and built myself in to some of those opportunities.

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